Documentary MasterPeace


On 2014’s International Day of Peace artists from conflict areas around the globe performed at Ziggo Dome to fuel dialogue and intercultural understanding. The stories behind all these artists who had the courage to put music above fighting are intriguing. Director Remko Geursen, together with NewBe TV, decided to make a documentary on three very interesting and topical stories. He followed SAZ and Sagol 59, a Palestinian and Israeli rapper who made the statement that it is possible to share one stage together. Cesar Lopez, the inventor of the escopetarra – a rifle transformed into a guitar. In response to the violence that has plagued his home in Bogotá, Colombia, Lopez found a way to make creation triumph over destruction. And Markiyan Matsekh – when demonstrations in Ukraine first turned violent, he decided the best way to communicate a message of peaceful protest was to place a piano in front of police lines and play a little classical music.

The documentary will premiere at the Movies that Matter Film Festival 2015.