MasterPeace in Concert 2014


MasterPeace organized a mesmerizing peace concert on 2014’s International Day of Peace. Artists from conflict areas around the globe shared the stage of Ziggo Dome to draw attention to often forgotten conflicts, to fuel dialogue and intercultural understanding and to call to end armed conflict.

Why MasterPeace?

The Bystander Effect is a social phenomenon in which the greater the number of people present, the less likely people are to help an individual in distress. This is what’s happening today. We, as individuals, don’t believe we possess the power to make a difference. Responsibility diffused. But we must.

Some of my friends asked how this concert contributed to bringing about peace. I get that question, because MasterPeace in Concert hasn’t stopped big wars. But! Social movements that bring about change have resulted in civil rights, equality for women and a better environment. These movements differ in size, but they are all essentially collective. The result is the coming together of people whose relationships are not defined by rules but instead share a common outlook on society.

This is MasterPeace. A remarkably poetic and symbolic endeavor. The catalyst. And MasterPeace is not just one day; it is not just one concert. Moments don’t live in isolation. They evolve, creating a phosphorescent ripple effect. Hopefully. That’s why.